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Multi-Family Mechanical Design:

Designing HVAC for Health, Efficiency and Comfort

Learning Objectives

  • Participants will be able to identify scenarios where single-stage mechanical split air conditioners and heat pumps fail to satisfy latent removal requirements resulting in elevated humidity and dangerous conditions for occupants and buildings.

  • Participants will examine various residential ventilation strategies along with the advantages and limitations of each in order to determine the most appropriate strategy for multiple scenarios.

  • Participants will examine unique considerations when designing mechanical systems for rental properties versus owner-occupied properties.

  • Participants will be able to discuss specific occupant behaviors that can result in excess moisture build-up inside dwellings.

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Instructor Ted Cater

Ted Cater has been involved in the building products manufacturing industry for over fifteen years as an Architectural Rep, Distribution Manager and R&D Product Manager. He also spent three years working in the residential high-performance building industry with Southface’s EarthCraft program and has served on the ASHRAE 62.2, DOE and NAHB’s NGBS 2018 IAQ Sub-Committees and RESNET’s Education Sub-Committee.

Instructor Ron Revia

Ron Revia is a twenty year veteran of the HVAC industry having worked as a licensed contractor, distributor sales manager and manufacturer’s representative. Most recently, Mr. Revia has spent the past several years working with architects, engineers and contractors who design and build multi-family properties to prevent microbial issues in apartments.

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